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Slight injury keeps Chisamba out

September 17, 2013


Slight injury keeps Chisamba out thumbnail

Russian based midfielder Chisamba Lungu has been ruled out of action  after suffering an injuring in training on his left thigh.

Chisamba, who campaigns for Russian top tier side Ural confirmed in an interview with on Monday night from Yekaterinburg, Russia about the injury.

“It’s just a slight one. I have missed tonight’s match [4-1 home defeat to Dinamo Moscow] and probably next week’s match. But I should be fit for the one against Locomotive Moscow [next week Thursday] at home.

Before the international break, the nimble footed midfielder forced his way into the Ural starting XI.

Elsewhere James Chamanga was on target in China for his club to score his 7th goal of the season while Emmanuel Mayuka made his French Ligue 1 bow after he came off for Sochaux but he couldn’t prevent them from losing.

In Romania, table toppers Astra showed that they can do away with Fwayo Tembo after they won 4-0 to maintain top spot with a game in hand. Fwayo is still AWOL.

In Belgium, Rodger Kola didn’t feature for his club.

William Njobvu started for Enoisis but was withdrawn after the hour mark. Enoisi lost 4-0 to Omonia Nicosia on match day of the Cyprus Super League.

In Israel rejuvenated Emmanuel Mbola has to wait for another week as their was no league games in Israel. The left back is on the books of Hapoel Ra’anana.

And finally, Jacob Mulenga again missed FC Utrecht’s 2-1 win through suspension.



104 Comments on "Slight injury keeps Chisamba out"

  1. Dihno on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:19 am 

    Injury not good for Lunga, good luck to all the prayers.

  2. Suse john on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:49 am 

    Wat did jacob do to suspnd hm?well done to our players outside dar continue workng hard nd score goal both in league nd intenational duty all da best guys

  3. Brave Nchanga Rangers on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 8:08 am 

    Zambia and Ghana rivalry rekindled as Zambia draws Ghana in the same group in the Pan African Airtel Tournament taking place in Nigeria from 16th September to 29th September 2013. Both girls and boys teams drew Ghana as their opponents in same group.

  4. john on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 8:21 am 

    Fwayo should sort himself what kind of nonsense is he getting into? On another note i would like to tell my Ghana mates you guys are in trouble after drawing Egypt. Nigeria have been handed a cheap ticket to the world cup. They were drawn in a very weak group with malawi and namibia. Now they face Ethiopia. This is why i say FIFA’s ranking system is flawed. How can a country have such a cheap ride to the world cup and other groups have Ghana and Zambia in the same group or Ivory Coast and Morocco in the same group. Really Nigeria has been given a cheap ticket.

  5. Kampinda on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 8:33 am 

    Mazembe is through to the semis of the CAF cup after easily defeating 4-2 Entente Setif of Algeria in Lubumbashi last Saturday; no Zambian scored.Kalaba, Sinkala, Sunzu and Singuluma were in the starting line up but the first 2 were substituted in the second half. Master seemed to me a bit tired and deserved to rest while the hugely respected Sinkala was probably withdrawn to give somebody else some valuable game time.

  6. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 9:02 am 

    nigeria will qualify coolchop to world cup but will disgrace africa in brazil….

  7. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:05 am 

    Melvin……and who do you think will impress Africa in Brazil?

  8. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:21 am 

    Please help me…Who is the person in the picture?Is this not Mayuka?

  9. john on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:45 am 

    FIFA should follow the rankings from continental competitions such as afcon, euro, copa america etc…this FIFA ranking is useless you have Nigeria being paired Ethiopia giving nigeria a cheap ride after playing minnows malawi when Ghana are playing Egypt and before they faced Zambia that is unfair. Ghana and Egypt should have been seeded.

  10. Vinkubala on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:57 am 

    @The Bullet That’s Mayuka

  11. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:33 am 

    Vinkubala…..Was just wondering coz Zamfoot is talking about Chisamba and they put Mayuka’s photo.What is the idea?

  12. Brave Nchanga Rangers on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:41 am 

    @Bullet am also puzzled. Just like in the other post someone had to correct Zamfoot on the name of the referee and yet they could not retract or correct the name used. One would think since Chisamba is the issue then his photo would appear here.

  13. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:48 am 

    It means Zamfoot is ridden with mistakes.It looks like there are mistakes in almost every item posted.They should have proof readers to improve on their work

  14. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:53 am 

    Am also surprised that they could not cover WC draws yesterday (I mean the playoffs)I thought that was big news.They should not only cover such events when Zambia is involved.

  15. Blessings on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:55 am 

    We need to have more players in europe. Chisamba lungu z a gud player bt if he z nt careful th russians wil finish hm

  16. Brave Nchanga Rangers on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:57 am 

    @john Nigeria will sweat it out they wont have it easy. Remember Ethiopia were docked points by FIFA but despite that they sailed through at the expense of hard running SA. Nigeria did not go through on a bed of roses they sweated to beat Kenya and Malawi in Calabar Nigeria. While Ghana were busy walloping these small teams apart from Chipolopolo of course whom they struggled to beat, Nigeria struggled in their group. Its not names but strategy used and they must be careful with Ethiopia coz they will be shocked. The most interesting game will be Egypt verses Ghana but that American Egypt coach is already giving too much respect to Ghana I don’t know whether its mind games but it will be very interesting since Ghana will start at home first then second leg in Cairo.

  17. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:14 pm 

    @the bullet i believe the winner between ghana and egypt will impress @ de wc…i ope ghana wins against egypt,b’cos if u cant beat egypt u dont have any buiness in de wc

  18. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:18 pm 

    tunisia and caeroun are both weak rep 4africa….

  19. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:29 pm 

    Melvin…..This answer was expected from you.I believe you are Ghanian.So you have underrated the African champions.You have relegated them to the dustbin of disgrace rs.You cant even talk about CIV the most highly rated team in Africa

  20. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:41 pm 

    bullet dont get me wrong nigeria is gud,but without tough teams to test you n’bring out the best in you u will struggle wen u finally meet a sturborn team..

  21. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:42 pm 

    civ was an oversight lets ope they get a gud group in de wc…

  22. Jay Kobla on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 12:44 pm 

    @Brave Nchanga Ranger’s, that American Egypt coach is Bob Bradly and has already been served twice by Ghana in 2006 and 2010 with the USA team. He didn’t accord Ghana the necessary respect then and lost twice. Must be why he’s had the change of heart… Lol. Well I just pray Ghana repeats the dose for him despite.

  23. david on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 1:22 pm 

    awe its not through suspension but just he is recovering from a slight muscle problem he had.there are alot of games and club doesnt want to risk their asset at all.
    abena zambia lets report the truth bane.

  24. Kay Hummer on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 1:24 pm 

    Fwayo Tembo seems to have a bad manager and advisers.He is messing himself up by going AWOL.The boy is very talented and should have been playing in laliga or the EPL by now!

  25. gb on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 1:44 pm 

    No Astra has used and dumped Fwayo after being on top.

  26. Watch Over on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 2:39 pm 

    Fwayo needs people who can advise him properly and realistically!In most cases in football, you quickly run out of favor when you are aging!

  27. Anonymous on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 2:46 pm 

    Remember Fwayo is also having marital problems

  28. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 3:45 pm 

    Melvin……..Which tough teams has Ghana tested to bring out the best?And which weak teams has Nigeria been testing to rule it out for a good showing at the WC(Should they qualify)Ghanians make me laugh

  29. Troy on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 4:58 pm 

    Jealousy will kill u people. you told us u were going to beat Ghana. abd wat happened? and abeg tell us the strong Teams in Egypt group? our hands are on the Egyptians those days are over. we nailed them 3 – nil just last year wit their full squad before the Afcon. when u hate on Ghana we excel more.

  30. The Bullet on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 5:17 pm 

    There was a hushed mood in Kumasi

  31. Steve on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 5:35 pm 

    Grade A smoke for Zafoot today,Chisamba has become Mayuka all of a sudden.

  32. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 5:42 pm 

    bullet now i’m convinced u dont know futball….can u honestly compare ethiopia with egypt..?

  33. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 5:51 pm 

    @bullet have u 4gotten u urself are former afcon champions and u were in our group and we beat u to it….?can dis be compared to nigeria’s group with malawi kenya…..etc?

  34. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 6:01 pm 

    i’m really suprised this zambians actually thought they wer going to beat us..???!! And uve still not gotten over it,u actually thought u were an african giant. The boys have been seperated from the boys….now sit in zambia and watch proper giants square it off not ut chipoloplo…GHANA VRS EGYPT proper african giants nt you!!

  35. Chipolopolo on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 6:29 pm 

    Egypt are going to the world cup.

  36. jat on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 6:49 pm 

    Zambia coach Herve Renard is backing Ghana to edge past seven-time African Champions Egypt in their crucial 2014 World Cup play-offs.

    The two African giants will go at each other in a two-legged tie in October and November to determine who reaches Brazil 2014.

    The meeting between the two celebrated countries has been touted as the pick of the qualifying campaign.

    Both teams boast of an incredible feat on the continent with the Egyptians the most successful with seven crowns in their trophy cabinet.

    While fans of the two countries are cautiously optimistic ahead of their engagement, the Zambia trainer who saw his side edged out by the Black Stars in a group D decider expects the West Africans to scale the hurdle against a tough Egyptian opponent.

    “All the best to the Black Stars; all the way to Brazil,” Renard told goal.

    “Egypt is the toughest opponent you could draw, but you will do it.”

    Renard has a soft spot for the Black Stars after working as a physical trainer for the team during the tenure of fellow Frenchman Claude Leroy in 2008.

  37. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 6:53 pm 

    i think de best team which plays fairly should rep africa not lucky,ill prepared,fifa free pionts team….may de best team win…

  38. Muhammed on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:02 pm 

    Game over Ghana.We have started making G.O.G banners in Alexandria Egypt.

  39. GH Panther on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:12 pm 

    troy,we are still in 2013. we nailed tunisia i think 4-2 and egypt 3-0 jux before afcon 2013.

  40. BLOW on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:14 pm 

    amazing hw some people ve gooten the nerves to yum again,@ melvin,need u worry uorself abt this bullet guy,wasnt he the one who said this n i quote : “The Bullet on Mon, 2nd Sep 2013 3:05 pm

    nex…..Zambia can beat BS anywhere. For you to know how,the just wait for Friday 6.Your question will be answered on Friday after 90 mins”

    just ask him what was the answer after 6th?

  41. BLOW on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:34 pm 

    @GH panther,true dat but each match tie comes with its own strategies so though Egypt r tough ,weve got to map up winning strategies to overcome them and let us not behave like them,@ chipolopolo,learn from this uor comment: “Chipolopolo on Fri, 21st Jun 2013 11:48 am

    Nabwela nomba pa blog. I have now been discharged from hospital after that traumatic draw between the Chipolopolo boys and the Sudan crocs. I have recovered now”
    just dont knw how u will recover this time around after seeing GH @ the world cup.

  42. chris-accra on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:48 pm 

    @john Ghana is not ın trouble at all.Egypt,s records agaınst ghana was far back 2002.the recent encounters haven,t been so easy for Egypt. four games 1 wın each and 2 draws ıf my head wıll pıck me correct.For me is Zambıa more dangerıous for ghana than Egypt.It ıs 50-50 duel.lets waıt.

  43. Positive thinking on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 7:50 pm 

    Awe People!!! Stop being critical. The headline might be concerning Chisamba, but as you can see the article talks about all the pros. Give Zamfoot a break!!

    These guys run this site and put info out here for free, and yet you want to come here and condemn. At least be constructive with your criticism.

  44. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 8:35 pm 

    @the blow i beg sorrioo i tot i could have an educative discusion with dis bullet guy, but i guess he knows nothing on african soccer…

  45. Solid snake on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 9:21 pm 

    Eish. Ghanains stil existing on this site. Jst like the old times, movin away frm the topic at hand and talking abt sumthn else. At gsn ghanains and zambians are stil insultin each other.

  46. GH.RULE on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 9:22 pm 

    No mercy 4 Egypt we wud wallop them well…. well ! No team in africa right now can be an obstacle to our quest to de wc.Black stars no size !!!

  47. Solid snake on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 9:56 pm 

    Ghanains full of themselves. Have in mind, egypt is a more organised than zambia and we outplayed u in kumasi. With that performance do u think u can beat egypt. U are goin nowere with that performance.

  48. Big Steve 4rm SA on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 9:57 pm 

    Gents the article mentions Mayuka for Petes sake. The article is speaking on a number of pro’s please stop the crap mentality of being critical about every little thing, gosh how petty can a person get really.

  49. Positive thinking on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:05 pm 

    Both Ghana and Egypt are afraid of eachother. Egypt has a pretty strong record, and is a team that anyone if Africa would fear. The exact same can be said for Ghana, who perhaps have a more dynamic and athletic team than egypt. I personally would prefer Ghana to go to the world cup, because I think they offer Africa a better chance of breaking the top 4. They are experienced enough, they have a team that can beat anyone on a good day, and they have the talent.

    Egypt is a serial choker at the world cup. Despite ruling African football for as long as they did, they failed to even qualify. Needless to say, I have not actually watched Egypt play under Bob Bradley. Maybe they are a different team all together. Maybe they can show Africa a thing or two, but I would rather support Ghana. As for the rest…Ivory Coast is my other rep I would like to see, and maybe Nigeria. I think Nigeria can improve upon the Confed cup experience and can use that experience in their growth.

  50. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:07 pm 

    @solidd snake what perfomance are you talking abt…?we allowed you to play it all and we did the scoring please thats efficiency..

  51. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:13 pm 

    we outplayed and outpossesed yo in afcon but u won,w@ abt dat?? Are u tellin me you were lucky in the afcon?

  52. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:19 pm 

    @positive thinking i hope the best team rep africa so we dont get disgraced….egypt,ghana may the best team win…!

  53. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:26 pm 

    @gh rule please calm down let the pitch do the talking,ur sounding like a nigerian or a zambian…ghana doesnt brag.let the pitch talk abeg..

  54. Solid snake on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 10:34 pm 

    @melvin. Yo players were weary of zambia especially wen our team settled down and started playn the passing game which choked your usual game. Yo team wil suffer if your team play like it did againest us.

  55. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:20 pm 

    @solid snake results is all that matters,u actually had nothing to loose so opend up..we jst closed the game up,thats experience, man give us some credit here…in 2006wc we outplayed and displayed skills against brasil of all teams but they were experienced enought to see us off.

  56. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:29 pm 

    solid snake having said that i think zambia is similar to ghana we have individual skill n’ flair and uve also played together for a long tyme…while ghana is still assembling,but solid ghana be senior with all due respect to zambia we’ve not hit half of our peak nw…we will get there during the playoff…ope so!

  57. Mario on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:41 pm 

    Zamfoot we appreciate the updates. Some people need to get over themselves.

    I think Ghana will get through against Egypt. It will come down to tactics away from home, but I doubt Egypt can trouble Ghana. Ghana didn’t play that badly in the 2nd half against Zambia, it was Zambia playing its true brand of football which would trouble any side.

    My hope is for CIV, GHA, CAM, BFA and NGR to represent Africa.

  58. GH Panther on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:44 pm 

    @blow i agree with u on dat. talk of quality, i think we hv an edge but its team wrk and strategy dat counts. unfortunately,i don’t trust appiah enuf cos he can be unpredictable so we’ll see.@solid snake. u can’t judge a team by jux one performance. the opponent u face changes the dynamics of a game so don’t expect the black stars to be under power against egypt.

  59. melvin on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 11:58 pm 

    @gh panther i jxt hope ghana will be grouped again with zambia in de afcon 2015 qualifier….it seems their still not fully convinced yet….

  60. GH Panther on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 12:18 am 

    @melvin haha. roger dat. i see a very strong and established blackstars team by then. it will so be a different ball game.what pple sumtyms fail to realize is dat ghana was actually rebuilding a team in 2010 with retirement of some seniour players and injuries we played afcon 2010 with virtually an u20 team dat had jux won the worldcup the previous year. the seniour boyz are bk but its still a young squad and appiah is still figuring out a 1st 11.i hv a very strong feeling 2015 will be the year. we shd win afcon 2015 by my projection.

  61. Solid snake on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 7:42 am 

    @melvin &gh panther. My arguement was yo team’s performance and like i said egypt bein more organised than zambia. 100% results in their group, so experience play may not come to the fold playn egypt. But like wat u said i wont judge yo team based on that performance. Yes i wud like us to meet again at afcon 2015. The kumasi game really convinced us that there really nothn to fear abt ghana evem with their worldclass players

  62. MULENGA PULU on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 8:06 am 

    I realy think GHANA vs EGYPT is a fifty
    Fifty affair GHANA has to be more careful
    Because Egypt is a more organised side
    Than Zambia they have a very clever
    Coach in BOB BRADLEY unlike RENARD and
    Also have clever players ….BUT ALL

  63. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 8:17 am 

    Why are wasting our time and energy on Ghana and Egypt? Lets rather talk about why our clubs are doing so poorly in continental competitions. That’s the challenge we have: put Zam club football on the map. This has nothing to do with HR either.

  64. STUMPY on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 8:33 am 

    Egypt this, ghana that. its non of my business!

  65. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 8:41 am 

    @solid snake zambia should never entertain themselves of beating us again.!! Even @ our most vulnerable time yo could’nt beat us.i know its the wish of most zambians dat ghana get walloped right..?? So why dont yo sitback in yo sofa in lusaka tke yo popcorn switch on yo tv n’ watch ghana get walloped by egypt simple….lol

  66. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 9:02 am 

    @kampinda and stumpy i’m sorry it is yo business nw…u need to watch n’ learn haw the big boys do yo replicate it with ur chipo,have u realized all the african champions since 2001 are here exept zambia,n’ all ur group members in afcon2013 are here..? And u think is non of yo business please learn @ least today ive learnt from pulu n’ solid dat zambians are not really organised like egypt but some wks ago u were here defending yo faz..@solid which tmz did egypt play to get 100%:…?pls google n’ u will know is a diception…

  67. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 9:57 am 

    Melvin-Rather talk of Bafana which has a better WC participation record than Egypt or Ghana(so called big boys)…See how many times they’ve been to the WC since their re-integration. As a matter of fact they beat Ghana to it.

  68. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:12 am 

    @kampinda seriously are yo for real? Bafana? As a matter of fact we’re the reason southafrica is not a force anymore,we prevented them from going to the wc in 2006,we beat home and away in the den fnb stadium in j’burg…uptill now they still dont know haw they lost that match jst like zambia,they had to recall the likes of shuan batlett n’mark fish but they lost. We actually retired them

  69. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:18 am 

    Melvin…….You outplayed who and in which afcon..Man don’t underrate Ethiopia.You don’t know that they were the first afcon champions.By the way you were also first time Champions in those 6 Nations or is it 8 Nations afcon tornaments

  70. Vinkubala on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:18 am 

    The type of football that Zambia now plays is quite different from the olden days. I’ve wondering what the cause is but definitely it has to do with business in football like playing for money. Players never express themselves with the aim of achieving results. We no longer shoot from far. It’s just a passing game – in other terms, straight football. We produce more mid-fielders than strikers. When did you last witness a goal scored from the centre circle? We no longer have players who can rise to the occassion especially when it matters most. If it’s 2 nil on the 75′, the game is most likely to end with that score-line.

  71. Vinkubala on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:28 am 

    It’s like watching a slug. There are no more dribblers.

  72. Mighty Zambia on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:30 am 

    U Gh tok too much, if u thnk u re better tm thn Zambia write to Fifa for a rematch and prove your point. I knw just a thought of a rematch against chipolopolo is yo worst dream, not even if the game was to b played in Kumasi.

  73. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:46 am 

    @the bullet watch the clip again we outplayed yo team totally in the afcon2012 but u won in the end…was jst makin a point to solid that the results is the most important tin.but bullet are yo saying ethiopia is nw a powerhse?take it from me nigeria will beat them home and away,if nigeria can’t beat ethiopia they have no business being in the wc.ethiopia is only a thorn in the flesh to the likes of zambia,za, car.

  74. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:50 am 

    Melvin……..If you are African Giants you can not go for 32 years without lifting Afcon.Without winning the most prestigious tournament in Africa for 32 years how do you measure your greatness.Don’t live in the past.You are not African Giants

  75. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:54 am 

    Melvin……And you were outplayed in Kumasi some few days ago in Kumasi but you won.So for you what does it mean

  76. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 10:56 am 

    @bullet if wer’re not giants then what thats that make you…? B’cos wer’ the reason ur not going to the worldcup..!

  77. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:01 am 

    @the bullet do yo actually take time to read ma threads….i was making a point that results is all that matters not those passing stuff,b’cos we did the same in afcon but u beat us,so w@ ur point???

  78. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:13 am 

    is only bullet and some zambians not all though who think ghana is not a giant…!!

  79. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:24 am 

    Melvin…..Point am making is you can not call yourselves African Giants if you have not won Africa’s most prestigious tournament in 32 years.Give me the basis you are using and i will shut up

  80. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:27 am 

    Melvin…….When and where did i say Ethiopia is a powerhouse.Don’t be sensational

  81. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:46 am 

    Vinkubala-Those are real issues you are raising: why are we so thin on strikers of the Ucar Chitalu type? Why skillful players have become so few and far between? We had them up to the early 90′s but from then onwards those that have come through the ranks have never reached their potential (Emmanuel Zulu and Co). I just hope Mukuka and Chisamba Lungu change that trend.

  82. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 11:58 am 

    @the bullet the basis i’m using is based on two facts 1.our past achievements in africa;even though is in the past is still relevant,thats why we study history.we won de afcon 2time consecutively and 4in all 2.the acchievements of our junior teams year in year out @ caf and fifa organised competions. Under 17 n’ 20′s were the only african team to have won a medal @ the olympic games in barcelona we were the first african team to win under 20wc 3.B’cos of ghana’s acchievement @ the wc since 2006.we’ve represented afrrica really well on the world stage and we can really improve on that as time goes on and also luk @ our afcon perfomances, wer’ very consistent wer’always in the last 4…if we’re not african giants with this few performances den who are the african giants..?

  83. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 12:22 pm 

    Melvin……I said earlier that you should avoid living in the past.We learn history not to continue living the way we did in the past.We learn history so that we improve the present and the future.From what you are telling me Ghanians are contented with the achievements of three and more decades ago.You don’t want to improve on the wonderful record of the past….Please am not talking about the achievements of the under something.Reason is i don’t want people to hide in the achievements of the under something.We are talking about the black stars not the starlets or what ever.I feel we should not continue with this topic because no one will convince me that Ghana are the African giants.It is my opinion so let me live with it.Bye

  84. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 12:25 pm 

    Melvin-Objectively speaking Ghana senior team is a force in African soccer..I wouldn’t describe them as giants..If so, where would you put Egypt? True, we’ve also seen world class individual talents come from Ghana: Tony Yeboah, Abedi Pele but I wouldn’t let you brag about your junior teams achievements because of the cheating that goes on there. It’s a just a disgrace and you know it.

  85. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 1:32 pm 

    @kampinda to be powerhouse all ur youth teams should be seen to be strong like spain brazil and germany, on what basis do u say we cheat?? Why dont u also cheat and win or qualify??if anyone cheats ask ur nigerian friends lol…@the bullet there is also no way u can convince me ur afcon is not a fluke.lets keep our opinion to ourselfz afterall to be a giant is jst a spoken word what u actually do on the field is what matters…and we’re doing what matters most…! @kampinda when was the last time egypt went to the world cup after all the african dominance..???

  86. The Bullet on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 1:46 pm 

    Melvin…….It is not possible to fluke from preliminaries to the finals.The bitterness of losing the semis still lingers in you.It is not just possible.If you recall the hushed atmosphere at Kumasi stadium few days ago because of Chipolopolo’s magnificent performance.It was like they were playing at Levy Mwanawasa Ultramodern stadium

  87. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 2:08 pm 

    @the bullet what hush atmosphere isit u keep on saying….??? Come and see haw people celeberated in kumasi b4 and after the match pubs and clubs were in high demand..! Ask anyone in ghana.and is nt jst b’cos we beat you but b’cos of the re-union of most of the ghanaian futball fraternity(all or most of our fomer futballers were there and the re-union of our stars)it was festival of futball we ghanaians are soccerfrenzy people thats why we even applauded u wen yo played nice futball.if u must know ghana is assembling a squad thats why we wer vulnerable in some instances against yo,but even with dat u could’nt beat us..! We’ve actually not hit half our peak but we will get there ope fully during the playoff

  88. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 2:32 pm 

    Melvin- Soccer strength is not only about World Cup appearances..that’s only one aspect..Even on that score Egypt credentials aren’t bad. They have been there twice and I remember in 1990 they did Africa proud in the same group as England and Holland…giving both of them a good run for their money but greatness is also about clubs and Afcon wins. Egypt has done particularly well in these 2 with clubs that are very professionally run and don’t have much to envy from Europe and have won multiple trophies both in Africa and the Arab world. By the way, Ghana should be particularly grateful to Egypt for helping nurturing year after year some of its talents before breaking into Europe but I have never heard of Egyptians playing for Ashanti Kotoko or Berekum Chelsea. Having said this, Melvin, Egyptians are horrible hosts, sometimes I feel like shooting the whole lot of them; that should make you happy! Cheers, mate.

  89. Positive thinking on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 3:04 pm 

    @Kampinda…I agree..we need to change the subject and talk about Zambian football. Its hard for me to comment on our continental failures, because I dont get opportunity to watch those matches or even watch Zambian football in general. Though, the best leaders or solutions can be found by looking through the history books. Zambia has only produced one continental Champion and that was Power Dynamos in 1990. Why hasn’t anybody sat down and analyzed how Power did that?

    Was it a matter of having built a team that was together a long time, was it talent, was it finances, was it tactics? That power team probably boasted a bulk of the national team regulars. This was the same for Zanaco, but maybe today one thing that clubs do not do is set long term targets of achieving continental success. There are so many clubs in africa we can learn from..look at Berekum Chelsea..this is a relatively unknown club and look at how well they did. Look at our own teams like Zesco in recent years…how did they do what they did? Let us sit down and analyze…then we can come up with clear cut formulas and if we fail we go back and find out why.

  90. Brave Nchanga Rangers on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 3:07 pm 

    Zesco fails to buy Ghanian player James Owusu becoz of age (Bakulu sana bakamba tetibabutuke stadium without fainting). Guys should we accept mediocrity even from Zamfoot? I think they should do better. Where they do better we always applaud them, on this one Chisamba’s picture appearing here makes a lot of sense than Mayuka’s.

  91. Vinkubala on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 4:26 pm 

    @Positive thinking & Kampinda
    The problem that we have is that players are not allowed to express themselves and play to their strengths. Players play according to instructions – the remote control type of football. There are no more pow – mows in football. Imagine what Dennis Lota would have done facing three defenders. Players no longer have the feel of the ball, it’s just passing like in the epl.

  92. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 5:06 pm 

    Vinkubala-indeed a pirate copy of the epl! I get to watch some of our league games on DSTV and the other day I did a pass count (Zesco Vs a lower rank National Service team) and it was so disheartening to realize that guys can’t string 10 passes in one stretch in a game; we don’t see many nice clean first touches. Those are basics! The shooting is awful.

  93. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 5:37 pm 

    Positive thinking-Correct me if I’m wrong; I think the mid 80′s thru to the end of that decade were the best days of our club football.. culminating in Power winning the then African Cup Winners cup in 90. This was no fluke..there was a strong build up to that achievement. Nkana had already made a name on the continent even if today they have no silverware to show for it. The National Team itself, consisting mostly locally based players, had its finest hour in Korea in 88. It was logical…the strength of Chipolopolo was rooted in the success of those clubs. What I mean is we need strong clubs in order to consolidate and improve our standing in the footballing world.

  94. melvin on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 5:44 pm 

    @kampinda well noted no egyptian will come to ghana to play futball not even to europe. This is b’cos of their robust economy which can afford to pay players in millions of dollars so there’s no need to travel. In ghana here no team can afford to pay such money to player nw so they move away @ de slightest interest,i’m sure is the same with yo in zambia,otherwise why will a gifted player like stopilla n’ kalaba be doing in DRC.untill various government begin to improve their economies especially in sub saharan africa our once vibrant soccer will detoriate…

  95. Big Steve 4rm SA on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 6:02 pm 

    Ok there seems to be a lot of back and forth about the whole Ghana – Egypt situation. But it is quite obvious from the draw that the world will see the same African teams they see world cup after world cup, is this a good thing? Well I don’t think so, it makes the continent look like there is no football growth and that we are stuck at the same level of the other teams trying to catch up with a few other teams and these same teams the rest of us are busy trying to catch up with are the same quarter final chokers. I know some people will disagree but we need a surprise package like Ethiopia going to Brazil and clocking a semi-final berth. This will be a symbol that the personal to holder titles of football power house on the continent are done with and we have grown as a continent. For as long as the world sees the same teams from Africa and quarter final seems the limit for us then getting additional teams to represent africa will be all but a dream

  96. Progressive on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 6:13 pm 

    This ranter ChiPULU is still around? I thought ZF was talkn about Lungu?

  97. Kampinda on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 6:28 pm 

    Talking about our players in the DRC, Melvin-With all due respect to Mazembe, Kalaba, Sinkala, Sunzu and your very own Asante should consider leaving the day the club doesn’t qualify for continental football because the DRC local league is so pathetic, plagued by corruption and incompetence; in addition some of the grounds they play on are real hazards and most of the opposition is so often mediocre; this year teams didn’t even get to play their return matches and Mazembe,who were log leaders,were declared champions!Sometimes I think Mazembe, Lupopo and Don Bosco, all decent Lubumbashi clubs should join the MTN Zam Super League.

  98. Positive thinking on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 6:43 pm 

    @Kampinda.. I definately agree that the 80′s and 90′s were a golden era of Zambian club football. It was for that reason that even after the pGabon disaster; Zambia was able to still assemble a team from the local lads that took us to the finals of the Africa cup in 94 and within arms reach of world cup qualification.

    That era also produced some amazing talents; Dennis Lota in the later years, Litana, Wawa, Andrew Tembo. Do you recall game in 1995 between Zamsure and Mufulira Wanderers were being attended by the president and fans could be lined up trying to get in.

    Again, the fall of ZCCM was the biggest let down to Zambian football. ZCCM not only sponsored some of the best clubs, but also had some of the best schools. There has been a big drop in local standards, but I think we are going to get a stronger league coming soon. The TV deals, the stepping up of the defense agencies and the banks has us covered on the financial growth; however, on the talent side..there needs to be some work.

    Football has evolved in the world. Our coaches though, have become copiers of the European game or other world mentors, rather than creators of their own philosophy. A key example would be when Thomas Nyirenda became Zambias holding midfielder instead of a full back…he excelled at the national team level. Wedson Nyirenda then tried to do a carbon copy of this formula with Thomas playing in the holding role…the team started to look like they were playing with 3 centre backs and were ineffective. I understand Wedsons idea of capitalizing on HRs idea, but Zanaco were already doing well and maintaining his own philosophy and tactics would have worked fine.

    The other thing is; technique and skill are things that are developed over long periods of time. How many clubs in Zambia have clear cut youth development systems. Last I saw a ‘junior’ team; it was a bunch of kids with no kit and no boots at Nkwazi FC and there was one coach with one football. That was more than 10 yrs ago so who knows now. The few academies around should not be the bread basket for talent. Clubs need to have their own. I dont know if this forum is big enough to even discuss all the issues that exist.

  99. Neutral on Wed, 18th Sep 2013 9:15 pm 

    Can Renard go before we can talk of Zambia this Zambia that? Our support for him ended in Kumasi. Saturation: either replace coach or players. In this case Renard MUST go before we talk of a Zambian team performing.

  100. Big Steve 4rm SA on Thu, 19th Sep 2013 8:27 am 

    Zamfoot were art thou?????

  101. Kampinda on Thu, 19th Sep 2013 8:37 am 

    Positive thinking-I don’t know if for me personally it was a question of being spoilt with talent and quality for a long period or..what, but I must confess that I found the team that was assembled post-Gabon (Litana and Co) very modest in terms of talent and skill; however those guys, to their credit, had HUMONGOUS HEARTS and are by far the most patriotic bunch of Zambians I have ever seen in my life in any field. Led by example by King Kalu they played each game as if their survival depended on it…that’s what got them results. Remember Joel Bwalya, an average talent, giving it all in that final game against in Cassablanca, Morocco..Even retirees like Gentile Kapambwe Mulenga (talk of old wine!)had their strength renewed in that heroic display of Afcon 94 against the Eagles. Were they riding an emotional wave? Maybe.. psychologists can help us understand what was happening then. The bubble burst after finishing 3rd at Afcon 96. Since then we’ve been breathing hot and consistency. The problem has been created by the lack of quality players(those that had talent chose to waste it) and compounded by some uninspiring coaching at all levels that we’ve all spoken about. I would add lack of mental strength and national pride that characterized the class of 94.

  102. kuku on Thu, 19th Sep 2013 8:47 am 

    Go Zambia. Think of the future. Players must first integrate well with the rest of t6he world. When you are in a team feel you have the right to dictate the play, tackle, attempt a short etc. Then you will come back and shine for mother Zambia. Right now from the body language we are not putting in enough despite our role potential. Good luck Zambia.

  103. Vinkubala on Thu, 19th Sep 2013 9:31 am 

    Do you want to tell me that out of the 600 or so players that attended countrywide selection which started around March we only managed a few players that could break into the senior squad? My thinking was that we would have three or more squads because talent is always available in Zambia. Unless I don’t know exactly what the selectors are looking for. Look, we suffered in our quest to qualify for Brazil because there was no replacements for the injured Mbesuma and Jacob. Mayuka was struggling alone with little assistance from Chris whose position is to support the strikers. From that wide selction, we should have come up with six or more quality strikers.

  104. Kampinda on Thu, 19th Sep 2013 9:32 am 

    Positive thinking-I don’t know if for me personally it was a question of being spoilt with talent and quality for a long period or..what, but I must confess that I found the team that was assembled post-Gabon (Litana and Co) very modest in terms of talent and skill; however those guys, to their credit, had HUMONGOUS HEARTS and are by far the most patriotic bunch of Zambians I have ever seen in my life in any field. Led by example by King Kalu they played each game as if their survival depended on it…that’s what got them results. Remember Joel Bwalya, an average talent, giving it all in that final game against in Cassablanca, Morocco..Even retirees like Gentile Kapambwe Mulenga (talk of old wine!)had their strength renewed in that heroic display of Afcon 94 against the Eagles. Were they riding an emotional wave? Maybe.. psychologists can help us understand what was happening then. The bubble burst after finishing 3rd at Afcon 96. Since then we’ve been breathing hot and consistency. The problem has been created by the lack of quality players(those that had talent chose to waste it) and compounded by some uninspiring coaching at all levels that we’ve all spoken about. I would add lack of mental strength and national pride that characterized the class of 94